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We don’t talk tech over your head. We make things simple. We don’t use old technology. We use next generation stuff, the kind of stuff that lasts for years. (Yeah. That stuff.) We don’t sell you crap you don’t need. We make sure you get exactly what your audience wants. We don’t tell you stuff that worked 10 years ago is still the way to do it. (It isn’t.) We use the new stuff, the right stuff, the stuff that works right now and is futureproof. We don’t make the stuff that bores your audience. We make experiences that get you noticed. We don’t do “ad” work. We do interactive work. We don’t call ourselves “webmasters.” We are designers, creatives and workaholics. We don’t make the sites like everyone else. We make awesome. We don’t make crap. We are Killer.


Web Design and Development, E-Commerce, Social Networking, App Development and Web Hosting, E-Mail Marketing


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